Our Governors

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls

Governors may be contacted through the School

Chair of Governors: Miss G Ball


Admissions Committee: (normally 3 including the Head and Chairman from 4 members)

Miss C Berry                               Mr P Williams

Mr A Patel                                   Vacancy

Pupil Welfare and Discipline Committee: (6 members excluding the Head – panel of 3 for exclusions)

Mr P Williams                          Mr M Nawaz                               Mr A Patel                                 

Mr A Chaurasia                       Mr J Cammish                            Vacancy

Staff Disciplinary Committee: (6 members excluding the Head and Chairman – panel of 3 for hearings)

Mr P Williams                          Miss K Reid                              Mr J Cammish 

Mr G Andronov                       Dr R Gent                                   Vacancy

Staff Appeal Committee (and Dismissal Appeal): (6 members excluding the Head and Chairman – panel of 3 for hearings)

Members of this Committee should not be members of either the Staff Disciplinary Committee or the Budget Committee.

Dr T Purewal                           Mr A Patel                               Mr A Chaurasia

Mr S Mahmood                      Vacancy                                 Vacancy

Budget Committee: (Minimum 5 members; maximum 7 members including Head)

Mr J Cammish                      Mr P Williams

Mr G Andronov                       Dr R Gent                             Vacancy

Miss C Berry

Curriculum Liaison Committee: (Minimum 5 members; maximum 9 members including Head)

Mr J Cammish                          Mr G Andronov                      Mr A Chaurasia

Dr T Purewal                           Mr A Patel                                Miss K Reid

Miss C Berry                           Vacancy                                 Vacancy

Complaints Committee (including Curriculum Complaints): (3 members drawn from a panel consisting of all parent governors and all members of the Curriculum Liaison Committees of the five King Edward Grammar Schools)

* The membership of the Dismissal Appeal Committee must be quite separate from the membership of the Staff Disciplinary Committee. It is also suggested that the terms of reference of the Budget Committee should continue to include determination of the terms and conditions of service of staff. Any grievance against any decision of the Budget Committee should be directed to a Staff Appeal Committee (as now) the membership of which should be identical to that of the Dismissal Appeal Committee.

SEN GOVERNOR                                          HEALTH AND SAFETY LINK GOVERNOR

Mr S Mahmood                                              Miss K Reid


Mr J Cammish                                                     Mr G P Thomas


Mr J Cammish 

GRAMMAR SCHOOLS’ JOINT AUDIT COMMITTEE (two members from each School plus a reserve)

Mr P Williams

Dr R Gent

Governors are also asked whether they would volunteer to sit on admission appeal committees for entry into other King Edward VI Grammar Schools. A complete list of people who have agreed to sit on such appeal committees is maintained and available for inspection at the Foundation Office.

Other Business Interests

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