Amy Whittall


Having completed a Theology degree at the University of Nottingham, I began my teaching career in a large comprehensive school teaching Religious Education. My senior leadership experience has been within the selective sector at another school within the Schools of King Edward VI Foundation.

I am particularly interested in teaching and learning, staff professional development and believe that education can transform the lives of students to allow them to achieve their ambitions. A broad and balanced curriculum, along with a rich extra curricular provision allows students to develop as well-rounded, confident students with tolerance and integrity, ready for the challenges and opportunities they will face after they leave the school.

Clare Berry

Deputy Head

Before joining King Edward VI Handsworth, I enjoyed roles as Head of Year 9, Head of Year 11 and Head of Religious Education at a large comprehensive school in Staffordshire. I joined Handsworth in 2006 as the Head of Religious Studies and I was promoted to the post of Assistant Head in 2008 with responsibility for Learning and Teaching. I still love and teach Religious Studies and am keen to remain in the classroom to keep up to date with changing and exciting approaches to Learning and Teaching.

In my spare time, I have two children under five to keep me busy and active! Family time is precious and it’s important for me achieve a work-life balance.

Jackie Kendall

Deputy Head

I am very pleased and excited by the opportunity to return to King Edward VI Handsworth as Deputy Head from September 2013. Since
I last taught Mathematics here in 2006 I have enjoyed the challenge of leading a Mathematics Department and then taking on the role of Assistant Headteacher at a fellow selective girls’ school in the West Midlands.

As Deputy Head I have responsibility for the leadership and management of the curriculum, assessment, reporting, recording and collaboration amongst other responsibilities. Whilst teaching within the Mathematics Department will enable me to continue to share in the development of Learning and Teaching best practice. I enjoy supporting the many school functions and performances, and never cease to be amazed by all the talents students have beyond the classroom environment.

As the mother to a young teenage daughter I can appreciate the challenges of modern family life and the importance of good communication. We annually enjoy family skiing holidays and cycling trips, although we now have a tandem so that I can keep up!

Nicolas Heppel

Assistant Head

I have been an Assistant Headteacher since 2012. My responsibilities include Learning and Teaching with a specific focus on Building Learning Habits, overseeing the training of new colleagues, Assemblies and Literacy. I am also the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school. Previously I was Head of Music and I now teach a range of subjects, all of which I enjoy because the students here are amazing!

Before joining King Edward VI Handsworth School, I taught at comprehensive schools in Suffolk, Bolton and Cambridgeshire. In my spare time, I coach cricket, row and cycle – as well as providing a taxi service for my equally busy children.

Charles Trotter

Assistant Head

My main school Assistant Head responsibility is target setting and data oversight. While this can seem relatively detached I do get to recognise lots of names and it’s always good to put a face to a great bit of data. My other roles in school get me out and about a lot more, I co-ordinate the schools charity efforts with the help of our senior prefects and the form charity representatives. Last year we raised over £20 000 for good causes. I also have an overview of the school House system and the impartial collation of house points. In addition I am the leadership link to the school council, where pupils discuss ideas about learning and teaching, dining room queues and anything in between.

For the other half of my time I get to see pupils discover the awe and wonder of Physics. It is a part of my overall role that is still very important to me as I can enjoy at first hand the enthusiasm for learning that the students have and also gives me an opportunity to directly influence possible future career paths by making Physics as interesting and relevant as possible.

Jane Glendenning

Assistant Head

I have been an Assistant Headteacher at the school since September 2014. My responsibilities are primarily widening accessibility, familiarisation and collaboration. This means that I am working with local primary school's, both teachers and staff, to build relationships with our school. The aims are to enhance the learning experiences of the students, particularly in Years 5 and 6 and to aid teachers in their access to the KS3 curriculum. This may be through workshops, staff coaching sessions, exposure to practice test activities or tours of our school for parents and pupils. Another key responsibility is overseeing Year 7s through their transition year.

I am also Head of English, a role I have had since starting at the school six years ago and have been the EVC for the school since early 2015. Before joining King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, I had pastoral responsibilities at comprehensive schools in Netherton and Sutton Coldfield.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, Zumba classes, Boxercise and taking my Tibetan Terrier, Gatsby to the park to wear him out! I
also run a rugby club in school.

Nicola Murrall

Acting Assistant Head teacher

I joined King Edward VI Handsworth Girls in September 2014 as a teacher of French and German after having taught at a very large mixed comprehensive. My current role is Year 8 Pupil Achievement Leader and Acting Assistant Head teacher with responsibility for Widening Access, Collaboration and Familiarisation. I have contact with Primary Schools in and around Birmingham. The aim is to enhance the learning experience of pupils in Years 4 and 5 and to support Primary School teachers in best preparing their pupils for their Secondary School transition. We run a number of workshops, activity sessions, taster days, practice test exposure as well as welcoming potential pupils and their parents and teachers to our school for tours. I enjoy being part of our school community and always aim to be as involved as I can be whether that it through supporting trips, performances, charity events or new initiatives in school.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading a good book and colouring for relaxation. During the school holidays I like to explore both my local area and further afield. I am a bit of a gym fanatic as well.