Pastoral Care

At King Edward VI Handsworth School, we are proud of our commitment to Pastoral Care.  We have a safe, happy and supportive community in which girls thrive.  Pastoral Care is underpinned by good relationships between staff, parents and pupils.  Every adult here cares about the pupils in our care.  No worry is too small to be ignored or too big to deal with.

We have a strong Pastoral system which consists of Form Tutors and Pupil Achievement Leaders (PALs) in each year group.  The PALs move up with their year group and so form excellent and lasting relationships with both parents and pupils.  They monitor the academic progress and achievements of girls as well as caring for their welfare and offering them advice and guidance.

We also have a number of other people who support girls in school, including learning support, learning coaches and a Student Support Officer.  These adults work carefully to build girls’ self esteem and to promote independent learners.

 Key people

Mrs A Whittall, Headmistress

Miss C Berry, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss K Limb, Assistant Head, Head of Sixth Form and deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr N Heppel, Assistant Head, deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Walters, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 7

Miss N Murrall, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 8

Ms B Brown, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 9

Mrs S Shepherd, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 10

Mrs L Polke, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 11

Mrs B Emmrich, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 12

Mr D Marrott, Pupil Achievement Leader for Year 13


Mrs N Foulkes, Student Support Officer, Years 7-11

Mrs H Felton, Student Support, Years 12 and 13, and CEIAG


Miss J Glendenning, Assistant Head and acting  SENCO and Learning Support co-ordinator

Mr J Waggott, Language Support