Inspiring the Next Generation of Astronaut | Newsletter

On 20th November, fourteen Year 9 pupils went to a session at KE Aston run by Dr Suzanne Imber who is the winner of BBC’s ‘Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?’. We had an inspiring talk by Dr Imber, who is an Associate Professor in Space Physics at the University of Leicester. The talk was about her motivations, challenges, and experiences on the programme.

Inspiring the Next Generation 01

Before we went, we had to research the qualities needed to become an astronaut. We collaboratively and individually created videos, presentations and even a model rocket that actually flies! We tried to show that we have qualities such as: mental strength, physical strength, social skills, knowledge of space, love of space, hard work and most importantly, self-belief. Dr Imber was really charismatic and down to Earth, and she shared with us how she had worked hard to become good at lots of activities, not just studying!

At Aston, we tried some of the tests the trainee Astronauts completed on the show, including upside-down goggles, teamwork and tower building, and multitasking using memory and muscle. We also got autographs and had the chance to ask questions before heading home. Sadly, not all of us aspiring astronauts made the trip, but we hope there will be more chances to go to fun Space Physics events again soon.

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