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On October 19th we were asked to provide some Musical entertainment for an event taking place at the Hockley Day Centre.  Mr Parry took a selection of wind players and Dhol drummers.  All pupils found the event very interesting and their performances were greatly appreciated.  Day Centre members even got up to dance.

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Pupil Comments

Raeanne Davidson  9J

This trip was a great experience, and everyone there was lovely. The people were also allowed to join in with us while we were playing our pieces. They really liked our performances which made me happy.

Justine Prescod  9J

The opportunity to travel outside of school to Hockley Day Centre was incredibly fulfilling. I got to go along with some other musicians to start off a really fun celebration of Diwali at the centre. I am being genuine when I say that the experience was rewarding; the effect of music on people is amazing. Hopefully we get to have more experiences like this in the future

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Foundation Year 7 Welcome Service

Instrumental Music 04

On November 2nd the Welcome Service for all New Year sevens at the Foundation Schools took place in the Great Hall at Birmingham University.  We were asked to provide a musical item and our Dhol Ensemble did us proud with their excellent playing.  Many congratulatory comments were received afterwards.

Mr Parry

( Head of Instrumental Music)