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GCSE Rock Climbing

In September and October for 3 weeks running, the Year 11 GCSE pupils set off to Ackers trust in Birmingham to rock climb, in the hope of gaining a good score for one of their three assessed sports in GCSE PE. Pupils had to learn how to belay, how to tie knots, how to do traversing, but the main aim was to do 10 climbs and make them as difficult as possible.  They had to work hard and if they got stuck, work collaboratively, as the person belaying may see some holds they couldn’t.  All the pupils did really well in adverse weather conditions at times and came out with some great marks. The instructor from ackers trust said it was the best GCSE group he had seen.

PE 01

Junior Women’s Indoor Ultimate Championship

On Sunday 12th November the Handsworth Ultimate Frisbee team competed in the Junior Women’s Indoor Ultimate Championships. We played some of our best ever games, and, even though we weren’t as experienced as other teams, we did well. We learned so much on the day, improving with every game we played. The whole team had so much fun, and we all get on really well!

The Sunday was an exhausting non-stop day with the girls playing six matches in the U14 division. Unfortunately it was the luck of the draw that had the girls playing increasingly higher seeded teams as the day wore on. Fortunately their skills and understanding of the game improved in line with their opposition and they finished the day having lost all their games but definitely not defeated. Miss McDonnell and I witnessed lots of positives and were very impressed with the spirit and determination of the team. It was their first experience of competition and we have high hopes for the outdoor championships in the summer.

Kate Holmes Year 9

Pupil Profile – Louise Robinson

Athlete Academy of sporting Excellence

PE 02

In October, I was selected by British Athletics to take part in the Athlete Academy of Sporting Excellence. This is programme from which you get a diploma where you achieve a level 3 certificate in achieving excellence in sports performance. To complete this diploma, we will have classes on things such nutrition, psychology, lifestyle and other things to help us to become elite athletes. There have been many athletes who have been on this programme and have gone on to become professional athletes such as, Kyle Langford, a world championships finalist and Olivia Breen a Paralympian. I was selected by British athletics because they have recognised my sporting achievements to date, such as English Schools which is one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world, and believe that I have potential to become an elite athlete, so they have given me this fantastic opportunity.

I am a 400m hurdler and a member of Birchfield Harriers, one of the best athletics clubs in the UK, for five years. This has helped me to get to this point in my athletics because of the world class facilities available to me and the opportunities that they given me. I am coached by Joe Caines who coached his son, Daniel Caines, to world champion and many others to both world championships and other major athletic competitions. He has helped me through the tough training, which you have to do as a 400m hurdler and to motivate me to be a better athlete.

My ambitions for this year are to go to English Schools for a second year and I would like to be selected to compete at the British Championships. A future ambition would be to go to the commonwealth games especially now that they are going to be held in Birmingham. This has become more of  an ambition since I was included in a list of people who they predict will go to the games! To achieve this the athlete academy of sporting excellence will help me.

Louise Robison

Year 12

Leadership pupils in the Community

As part of the year 10 sports leadership level 1 and level 2 pupils have to complete some hours leading outside the classroom. The following pupils went and volunteered at a cancer research fun run and helped and lead there. They also had a lot of fun making the runners wet and muddy by spraying water guns at them but at the end of the race the girls handed out the medals, water and cake! Well done girls!

Maya Pamer, Anaiya Dhiraj, Tasnim Choudhury, Anya Pamer, Sophia Nahid

PE 03

Autumn/Winter Term Football report

A successful start to the year’s competitions for all teams! Our (relatively) new year 7 team started with an excellent performance in the Aston Schools Outdoor Tournament, winning the tournament.

Our Year 9, 10, 11, all took part in the Aston Schools Outdoor Tournament and came 3rd. A great start with more fixtures for the league to come!

Badminton News

On the 5th December we hosted the Aston schools Badminton tournament. The following girls played

Chenyao Zhou

Dhairya Ruparelia

Lauren Fenwick

Vahreena Kaur

Victoria Liang

Ishpreet Malhotra

Alina Malik

Deanna Makan

Res Mandy Zheng

We won all our games and got gold medals for both the KS3 and KS4 teams. Both teams will now represent the Aston schools district in the Winter School games in February.

PE 04

House News

House Football

December kicked off fantastically with the annual house football competition. Though it was cold and windy, and wet earlier in the day the sun still shone down as year 7 and 8 sprinted energetically out into the wet, muddy field. There was a definite air of nervous excitement as the teams set up ready to compete. All those nerves turned quickly into determination and enthusiasm as soon as the matches started! It was clear that this was pretty serious stuff, as spectators cheered for their house to win. The pupils got stuck in without hesitation, performing challenging tackles, impressive sprints and amazing goals. They didn’t let the conditions put them off at all…in fact there was some great teamwork shown by all the girls and this resulted in many fabulous goals being scored and an all-round fantastic couple of events.

The winners are Keller for year 7 and Parks for year 8.

Cross Country

Two lovely but very cold December days hosted our annual cross-country it was however the first year for a while that it hasn’t rained! This year KS4 and 5 was turned into our own Santa Fun Run with extra points for participation and dressing up. Well done to all the girls that came.

The winning teams (performance only) were as follows

Year 7 Astor

Year 8 Cavell

Year 9 Parks

Year 10 Keller

Year 12 Cavell

Year13 Cavell

PE 05

Netball News

A huge thank you to over 150 girls for attending Netball Club at lunchtimes. Your participation and commitment to training is fantastic! We have had a glowing start this term with all year groups winning their matches. Keep up the enthusiasm girls!

Year 7

Won 12 – 0 in their first league match against City Academy. Congratulations to Jessica Brench for receiving player of the match.

Year 8

Won 12- 0 against Holyhead

Won 17 -0 against St John Wall

Won 12 – 1 against City Academy

The following year 8 girls have received player of the match this term ; Christina De Sousa, Uman Khlea and Simran Saroya Watson.

Year 9

Won 25 – 4 against St Pauls

Won 18 – 0 against St John Wall

Congratulations to Tajsha Wilson Lampitt and Jaya Aulakh for being nominated player of the match.

Year 10

Won 8-1 against Holte Academy with Esha Khan receiving player of the match

Year 11

Won 8-3 against Holte Academy, congratulations Ellie Warr on getting player of the match.